Learning From Failure

While most organizations know that learning from failures is invaluable to future success, those that do it well are few and far between.

Amy C. Edmondson, Professor at Harvard Business School, talks about strategies for learning from failure in organizations, and highlights the importance of creating a workplace culture that encourages failures to be positively addressed by senior management. In her video interview, she discusses the best practices that leaders can implement, such as “embracing the messengers” of failure, despite the inherent difficulty to do so.

If managers can properly frame their line of work so that employees understand how failure fits into it, their organizations can benefit greatly from the improved collaboration.

Fostering a workplace that empowers its employees (and ultimately the business) through failure is not easy. It requires an understanding of how to harness employee feedback and the ability to adjust certain pervasive attitudes and beliefs about failure.


Helene Wiswall
Helene Wiswall is an Organizational Development Consultant with ModernThink. Helene’s specialty is helping companies within varying industries identify opportunities for improvement and create processes to drive change.